Passive Security Works

passive security

Here a few easy and inexpensive things you can do right away:

1.  Get a BEWARE OF DOG sign - even if you don't have a dog!  Home Depot sells the signs.

2.  Get a security alarm sign.  Best case is you already have a home security system installed, in which case a sign comes with the installation.  If you don't have a security system, you can still purchase a sign online.

3.  Add motion activated lights to exterior of home.  You can get them on Amazon.  I like the solar powered ones.

4.  Grow thorny bushes  around the windows.

5.  Use motion sensitive cameras to keep an eye on the outside.  I like the Nest cameras.  Regardless of where I am in the world, my smart phone shows me what's happening outside my home.  It even alerted me when the cat escaped!

James Kerr