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Our security screens are meticulously designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.  We use the highest quality material and advanced production techniques to make a screen that keeps the bad guys out while allowing easy escape through windows in case of emergency. A simple interior latch fully opens the screen outward, meeting fire code egress requirements American Disability Act requirements. Installation screws are completely hidden and no hinges are visible for a clean finished look. Opening allows for easy cleaning and window maintenance. All of our screens are made to order, and can be hinged on the sides, middle, or top.  Our frames can also be fitted with exterior keys so you can clean 'fixed' windows.  Enjoy peace-of-mind.  Protect your family and your assets.  Get a free quote today.



We make security screens for front doors, back doors, sliding patio doors, French doors and even doggie doors.  Every one of them is super tough and designed to keep the bad guys out.  We offer a variety of colors and styles.  Each is custom made to your requirements.


Our security screens for windows are actually rated to withstand category 5 hurricanes!  That means you can rest assured you and your loved ones are safe and sound - from severe weather to armed intruders, you are fully protected.  Each screen is handcrafted for your home and each includes our patented egress latch that enable occupants to quickly exit the home in case of emergency.

no one gets through our screens

Except for the Fire Dept.  They know how tough these screens are and use their special rescue tools - like the jaws of life - to get in when they have to.   If you have a chance, visit our showroom on 308 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas and see the screens in person.  Once you hold a sample in your hands you will realize how strong the screens really are.  In the meantime, check out this demonstration we did with local law enforcement: 



1.  Peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are safe.
2.  You can keep the windows open when you sleep or when you are away.  Nice ventilation!
3.  UV protection from that harsh Vegas sun.
4.  Privacy - During the daylight hours it's harder for strangers to see inside.
5.  Higher home value.  The security screens are a much appreciated home improvement.  This means you sell your home for more or even rent it for more money.



Wire Security Mesh

  • 304 High Tensile Stainless Steel
  • .035 Wire Diameter 
  • 100,000 + psi  //  800 +/- MPA
  • Color Options: Mill Stainless, Black, Charcoal, White

Frame Extrusion

  • 6063-T5 Aluminum 
  • 062 (1/16") Thickness
  • Color Options: Mill Aluminum, Bronze, White, or any Custom Color

Z-Open Egress Windows

  • Single Point of Operation
  • Easy-To-Use (both children and elderly)
  • Meets and Exceeds American Disability Act Standards 


Our screens are offered at Factory Direct Prices.  This means you save thousands of dollars when you choose Boss!

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"I like being able to keep the windows and doors open - day or night - and not have to worry about anyone getting in." - James K.

"For me, it's peace of mind.  My husband travels a lot. The chance of anything bad happening to me and the kids is probably really small, but still.  Wise to be safe and protected than hoping nothing happens." - Elena L.

"What's the price you're willing to pay for safety - especially for what is most important - your wife and kids?  These screens are worth their weight in gold!" - Mitch B.

"Our home has these screens and we were able to sell it for a premium because of the investment we made in security screens." - Rose S.


5 year warranty on parts and labor

All of our screens are custom made right here in the beautiful USA!  It's quality and craftsmanship your can trust.  In fact, each screen comes with a no-quibble 5 year warranty on BOTH parts and labor.  Everything - from materials, to products, to installation - is designed to last!  And last but not least,  we are on a mission to make our community even better.  We donate 1% of all sales every month to various charities.  With your business, we can do a lot of good together!

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