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Now you can completely secure your home.
Guaranteed to stop break-ins.
Elegant and effective.
The peace of mind is priceless!

Recommended by law enforcement.


America’s #1 choice for security screens and security doors.
53 years of engineering excellence and A+ ratings!


Keeps intruders out of your home. Sleep in peace knowing you and your family are safe.



Allows for easy escape in the event of an emergency with our special ADA compliant latch.


Custom built for your home with the highest levels of craftsmanship. Beautiful and effective.


"The burglars took one look at our security screens and moved on!"
Don C.


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Las Vegas: (702) 637-0255 Phoenix: (602) 633-5289 Tucson: (520) 477-6375


We treat every home as if it were our mom’s

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  • That means we do it right from start to finish. No cutting corners. For example, when fastening our screens to your windows and doors, we drill screws every 6”-8” for extra security. AND we use 3 different types of screw heads to make it even more difficult for a burglar to breach a screen. This meticulous approach takes more time, requires more labor and costs us more money, but the process boosts the overall security 10x. Many companies will put one screw in each corner and call it a day.

  • We get the job done well come hell or high water. Period. That means we do whatever it takes to make things right. Installation day seldom goes without a hitch. There’s always some issue that arises. Our job is adapt and overcome. No blaming, no excuses, no up charges. Our favorite motto is: We can’t always guarantee success but we should always strive to be worthy of it.

  • Our product is superior. TAPCO security screens are so robust they are rated for hurricane category 4 projectiles (156 mph!) . Our egress latch exceeds the American Disabilities Act and can be easily operated by children and the elderly. Inside the frames of each window screen, we’ve added an additional steel bar to strengthen the overall unit. It adds more weight to the frame - making it more expensive to ship - and it costs us more money in materials. It’s the right thing to do. Many companies have removed that bar to reduce cost. We didn’t. Because if it ain’t right, it ain’t right.


OUR SECURITY SCREENs are used by law enforcement & Military

We are the exclusive dealer in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson for TAPCO security screens.  TAPCO is the industry leader in security screens for windows and doors.  With over 53 years experience in screen manufacturing and an A+ rating with the BBB over half a century,  no one else comes close in terms of quality.  Our security screens are rated for Hurricane Category 4 Severe Weather. Do not settle for less. We are America’s choice for security screens.


Wire Security Mesh

- 304 High Tensile Stainless Steel
- .035 Wire Diameter
- 100,000 + psi // 800 +/- MPA
- Color Options: Black, White, Almond, Charcoal, Mill Aluminum, Custom

Frame Extrusion

- 6063-T5 Aluminum
- .062 (1/16") Thickness
- Color Options: Black, White, Almond, Charcoal, Mill Aluminum, Custom

EZ-Open Egress Windows

- Single Point of Operation
- Exceeds American Disability Act standards