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James Kerr - Founder + CEO

James Kerr - Founder + CEO

My background is engineering.  Decades ago I founded an IT consulting firm and have quite a bit of experience with data security.  In my free time I teach martial arts to kids and have written a few books.  So safety and security is already top of mind.

One day my wife said she doesn't feel safe when I am away from home.  Our neighborhood doesn't see a lot of crime and the likelihood of anything bad happening to my wife or kids is probably really low.  But still - at least for the peace of mind - security screens made sense.  We asked around for a few quotes and couldn't believe how much those companies wanted!

“We are on a mission: to make these awesome security screens more affordable to all. Because the people who need it most are often the ones who can afford it least.”


So I hopped online and discovered there are only a handful of manufacturers.  I reached out to each and found TAPCO to be the most professional,  visited their factory and met the team.  I liked them and the product so much, I signed up on the spot to become the exclusive dealer for Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson.

One thing we are especially jazzed about is using security screen sales to fund community service projects.  Having served on the Board of Directors on Easter Seals and the Girl Scouts, I know how important it is to raise money for nonprofits.  With your purchase,  we contribute 1% of all sales to charity.  Together we can make the world an even better place!


our values

Our company is based on a handful of super important core values:

1.  Quality is king.  (Don't cut corners.  Ever!)
2.  Honest day's work = honest day's pay.
3.  Do the right thing.  Always.
4.  A safe home is a happy home.
5.  Serving others is the grandest purpose.


Our team

Our company has offices in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson.  James Kerr is President.  He answers the phones, meets with clients and provides estimates.  Mike is the General Manager.  He is responsible to day-to-day operations and makes everything run smoothly.  Steve, Juan, Murphy, Eddie and Bryan take care of the installations.  Sheryl is The Bean Counter,  crunching the numbers and paying the bills.  Kuzma (means 'cosmos' in Russian) is the cat.  He doesn't really do anything.



Call us or send us a quick email.

LAS VEGAS:  (702) 637-0255
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Our screens sell at Factory Direct Prices.  This means you save a lot of money when you go with us!

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"I like being able to keep the windows and doors open - day or night - and not have to worry about anyone getting in." - James K.

"For me, it's peace of mind.  My husband travels a lot. The chance of anything bad happening to me and the kids is probably really small, but still.  Wise to be safe and protected than hoping nothing happens." - Elena L.

"What's the price you're willing to pay for NOT making the extra effort to ensure your safety?  These screens are worth their weight in gold!" - Mitch B.

"Our home has these screens and we were able to sell it for a premium because of the investment we made in security screens." - Rose S.


our promise

All of our screens are custom made right here in the beautiful USA!  It's quality and craftsmanship you can trust.  Everything - from materials, to products, to installation - is designed to last.  Also,  we are on a mission to make our community even better.  One percent of all sales every month to go to various charitable causes.  With your business, we can do a lot of good together.

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