Imagine never having to worry about break-ins again.

Our security screens look like solar screens but are nearly impossible to breach. Watch these guys try:

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Superior protection.


Perfect for windows & doors.

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✔ Egress latch in case of emergency.

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Hi, my name is James. I am the founder & CEO. I promise we will treat every home and office like our own. We will recommend only what’s right. We will focus on quality, we will not cut corners, and we will provide awesome customer service. Our mission is to help you get the security you need. We are here to serve.


Guaranteed to keep the bad guys out!

Our security screens are so tough, we actually guarantee they will prevent a break-in or forced intrusion. If someone does manage to breach one of our screens (no one has!), we will cover your theft deductible up to $3,000 and replace the screen free of charge.


The peace of mind is priceless.

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But be careful…

Some vendors are masquerading a golfball screen as a security screen. It might protect your window glass from golfballs but it won’t keep out criminals.

The way to check is to inquire about the type of mesh. The wire diameter must be .035 or thicker and the weave must be 12x12 per square inch or more. Anything less - like .028 diameter wire or a 10x10 weave - is not a security screen.

Also, each of our window frames is further strengthened with a reinforcement bars. Some companies don’t include it because they want to save costs. But that’s cutting corners. In fact, this bar is one reason why our security screens are rated and certified for hurricane category 4 severe weather conditions (156 mph projectiles!) - in addition to being cut, puncture and pry resistant.

reinforcement 1.jpg
reinforcement 2.jpg
reinforcement 3.jpg

Finally, whomever you choose to do the install, make sure they are putting in screws every 8” or less. The more screws, the more secure it is. Some companies will cut corners and put just one screw in each corner. The client would never know. For this reason, you must supervise the install. Have the installer show you the screw count.